Launch Team

Ross Sivertsen

Ross Sivertsen is Program Director of Launch and Adult Transition Services at Vanguard Preparatory School. Ross and his wife Jill are parents of two special needs sons with Autism and Down Syndrome. Not only does Ross bring 25+ years of executive leadership experience, but he and his wife also have 20+ years of non-profit board experience, having served as members and officers of the Autism Society and Community for Permanent Supported Housing, among others. Both he and his wife own and operate a companion care home for three young men with Autism and their caregiver. Ross holds a Bachelor of Science in business, a Master of Science in information assurance, a Master of Management in cybersecurity, and an MBA from the University of Dallas. Both he and his wife Jill live in Richardson, Texas.


Dave Welsh

Dave has over 20 years of experience with special needs populations. He enjoys coaching young adults in practical life skills as they prepare to take the first daunting steps toward living away from home. In addition to his work in the Launch Program, Dave offers woodworking classes to Middle and High School students. In his own life, Dave has found that creativity can be a great outlet not only for self expression, but also for managing anxiety, something many Vanguard students cope with daily. As an avid adventurer and lover of the outdoors, Dave also helps Vanguard’s counselors on the New Mexico trip offered each summer. Dave loves being a part of his students’ journeys as they experience new things and stretch to reach new goalswhether it be in the classroom, working on a wood shop project, or learning to balance a checkbook in the Launch Program. Dave is a dedicated cheerleader for his students as they grow and gain confidence each step of the way.

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