High School Program


Vanguard’s high school students follow one of two tracks:

Track 1– Preparing students for a four year university future.

Students take a traditional 4-year selection of the fundamental high school courses. This is comprised of:

• 4 English
• 4 Math (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and one additional)
• 4 Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and 1 other)
• 4 Social Studies (American History, Government/Economics, World History, and World Geography).
• 2 credits of a foreign language.

Note: For students identified with a math learning difference, a modified course path can be provided while remaining on the Track 1. For students with other learning different diagnoses, accommodations are made within the courses listed above.

Track 2 – Entrepreneurial Program: Preparing students for community college and business futures.

Students take a course selection comprised of:
• 4 English
• 4 Math
• At least 2 Science (Health can count toward 1 of these)
• At least 2 Social Studies
• 4 Vocational

Electives (applicable to both Track 1 and 2)

Track 2 also provides

  • Reading for information and pleasure
  • Personal and business financial responsibility and management
  • Oral communication skills (conversational skills, phone, interview skills)
  • Written communication (writing resumes, job applications, letters, memos and reports)
  • Social Skills appropriate for the work place
  • Time management, organizational and prioritization skills
  • Problem solving
  • Hygiene and grooming


  • Acquisition of 21st Century Skills
  • Critical thinking Problem solving, analysis and logic
  • Self-direction, personal responsibility, personal ethics and self-advocacy
  • Creativity, innovation, and integration of ideas, initiative and adaptability
  • Collaboration, social skills, maturity, leadership, teamwork, strong communication skills
  • Information literacy to solve problems and acquire knowledge
  • The ability to understand another point of view
  • Focus and regulation required for learning
  • Organizational, time management and study skills


Classes are small and use varied teaching and discovery methods which include:

  • Courses aligned with Texas Education Agency core curriculum standards
  • Project-based learning
  • Research papers
  • Collaborative learning
  • Courses enriched or modified to student needs
  • Socratic methods
  • Subject appropriate videos/movies with discussion
  • Student presentation and discussion
  • Dual credit courses at the community college


2019 Annual Gala
Saturday, April 13

Spring Open House
May 10, 8:00am

High School Prom
May 17, 7:00pm

Junior Ring Ceremony
June 13, 1:00pm

High School Graduation
June 28, 6:30pm

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