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Vanguard’s high school students follow one of two tracks. In addition to a rigorous academic program, sales high school students learn or refine skills in the following areas:

Effective skills are taught in twice weekly therapy groups, let by staff therapists. These groups focus on self-discovery, diagnosis values clarification, interpersonal relationships, community service and leadership skills. Students learn to express emotions appropriately, to problem solve and cope with the challenges of being a teen. Groups are supported throughout the day by teachers through modeling, coaching and direct intervention.

Conflict resolution and anti-bullying programs are taught weekly. These programs focus on learning respect for individual differences, problem solving and perspective taking. Students solve real-life problems; they learn to compromise, negotiation and conflict resolution. All students participate in activities to discover new effective ways to deal with the issues of adolescence, learning compromise, respect for others, giving and receiving honest feedback and managing emotions appropriately.

Social and effective skills are supported by a skill-based level system. The levels focus on self-discovery, exploration of interpersonal relationships, serving the community and acquisition of leadership skills. Behavior point sheets provide regular visual and verbal feedback regarding progress toward current goals.
Social and leadership skills are developed through daily practice in the classroom, during lunch and break. All students participate in regular social and educational outings. They may participate in out of town summer trips, and a senior trip.


The Work/Study Program teaches core academics and a daily vocational block in small structured classes. Each student works in one of four student-owned businesses. They are paid based on the profits of their business. Students are responsible for marketing, purchasing, maintaining inventory, managing finances, producing and selling their product or service. They explore vocational interests and aptitudes.

This program is designed for those students who will not attend a four-year college program immediately after graduation. Most students go on to trade or technical school, enter the job market, or work toward associate degrees.

Students develop the qualities of leaders through being on the yearbook staff, community service, peer mentoring, planning outings, student exhibits, and parties.

Student council provides additional leadership opportunities. Elected members participate in student government and are liaisons between staff and students. They make suggestions and participate in development of student guidelines.

Sensory and regulatory activities are available to those who need them. Students request, or may be asked to participate in sensory breaks. They are taught and encouraged to use calming and organizing activities to maintain appropriate level of arousal for learning.

Individual occupational and speech/language consultation and/or therapy are available if needed.


A rigorous academic program appropriate for college success

  • Acquisition of 21st Century Skills
  • Critical thinking Problem solving, analysis and logic
  • Self-direction, personal responsibility, personal ethics and self advocacy
  • Creativity, innovation and integration of ideas, initiative and adaptability
  • Collaboration, social skills, maturity, leadership, team work, strong communication skills
  • Information literacy to solve problems and acquire knowledge
  • The ability to understand another point of view
  • Focus and regulation required for learning
  • Organizational, time management and study skills


Classes are small and use varied teaching and discovery methods which include:

  • Project based learning
  • Research papers
  • Collaborative learning
  • Courses enriched or modified to student needs
  • Advanced Placement English Courses
  • Socratic methods
  • Subject appropriate videos/movies with discussion
  • Student presentation and discussion
  • Dual credit courses at the community college
  • Courses aligned with Texas Education Agency core curriculum standards
The Entrepreneurial Institute teaches:

Reading for information and pleasure
Personal and business financial responsibility and management
Oral communication skills (conversational skills, phone, interview skills)
Written communication (writing resumes, job applications, letters, memos and reports)
Social Skills appropriate for the work place
Time management, organizational and prioritization skills
Problem solving
Hygiene and grooming

Our mission is to enrich children’s lives by fostering independence, self-esteem, and compassion for others. Every child is valued regardless of diagnosis or challenge. We guide them in a positive direction and create a strong foundation for learning through social, emotional, and academic development.

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