Alumni Event Registration

Join other Vanguard Alumni for fun activities and events throughout 2024! In addition to having fun with friends, each alumni event will have a theme that focuses on navigating life, including money management and budgeting, nutrition and meal prep, problem-solving, travel and transportation, and staying in touch with current events.


SEMESTER 2: February 2024 – June 2024

9am-3pm – Meet at Vanguard 

Click the event below to register and secure your spot! Registration will close two weeks before each event. 

Please contact Ashere Thigpen at [email protected] with any questions!

Alumni Event Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can siblings attend the events?

Subject to available space, siblings may be able to attend.  Please contact Ashere Thigpen ([email protected]) to inquire. 

2. Can the alumni meet at the outing or event?

Alumni must drive to school and participate in the activities prior to going off campus. They may drive to the event and home.

3. Can alumni register for individual events?

No, in order for us to plan and arrange staffing, the events must be prepaid for each semester.

4. Are there other days when alumni can participate at the school during the week? 

No, just the event planned each Friday from 9am-3pm, unless otherwise specified for special events.

5. When registering for a semester, can the payments be broken up into payments?

In some circumstances, we can consider two payments. Please contact Ashere Thigpen ([email protected]) to inquire.

6. Will alumni have to pay for outings in addition to paying for registration?

Alumni should bring extra money for lunch/dinner when eating out or other personal items they wish to purchase on outings.

7. Are alumni required to stay from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Fridays?

It is encouraged. The idea of inviting alumni to participate in weekly activities is to maintain a community within the Vanguard family. The events are paired with life skill lessons to practice and help navigate adulthood.