FAMILY Education

Vanguard’s approach to family support is built on the foundation of building community and sharing the struggles of raising children. Raising children is one of the most challenging and important jobs anyone can do. Every stage along the way brings questions and difficult choices. This may result in isolation, shame, guilt and a myriad of other emotions. Knowing you are not alone can create a sense of peace and empowerment in your family.

The Vanguard Family Support Group is a safe nonjudgmental setting to have honest conversation about the challenges of raising a family. The Family Support Group is a place to build community and find hope with those who understand.

The Vanguard Family Support Group will meet once a month from 7:00pm to 8:00pm!

September 12th: Vanguard 101

7:00pm Zoom

Dive into Vanguard’s culture and community by attending this orientation about the why and how of what we do.

October 17th: Building Better Boundaries

2:00pm In Person

Come learn about boundaries and why they are important for making good choices, protecting yourself from bad decisions and living authentically.

November 7th: Fostering Independence For All Ages

7:00pm Zoom

Discover the power of guided decision-making and providing space for your child to learn from their mistakes — essential approaches for building independence.

December 5th: Guest Speaker Dr. Roger Robinson

1:30pm In Person

Join this discussion from Dr. Roger Robinson, a leading psychiatrist in Fort Worth, TX as he shows us how to create effective behavior change for children and adolescents.

January 16th: Family Dynamics and Letting Go of Fear

7:00pm Zoom

Learn how to identify your support group and operate from a place of community rather than isolation.

February 13th: Conflict Resolution and Fair Fighting

2:00pm In Person

Discover how conflict is healthy and sets us on the road to developing the skill of speaking up for ourselves.

March 5th: Restorative Practices in the Family

7:00pm Zoom

Learn how to take personal responsibility while being heard and understood.

April 9th: The Stress Cycle

2:00pm In Person

Come discuss the simple steps you can take to improve your quality of life and explore the benefits of getting back to the basics.

June 4th: Love and Logic

7:00pm Zoom

Join us in processing love and logic as an approach where kids grow and learn from their mistakes while maintaining their self-concept.