Admission Process to Our Dallas Private School


Vanguard Preparatory School offers year-round enrollment based on availability. There is a two-step admissions process to Vanguard Prep in Dallas:

1. a parent tour and interview

We begin the Vanguard tour with a parent interview to help us understand your child’s educational journey and their academic and social-emotional needs. Families also have the opportunity to witness Vanguard in action by observing how our teachers and support staff in the classrooms.

2. a two-day student visit to the school

The school visit allows prospective students to participate in representative classes and meet interact with the Vanguard team, providing each student with an opportunity to get to know us. It also gives us an opportunity to determine how we can most effectively address each student’s needs.

Prior to enrollment at Vanguard’s Dallas campus, we require the following documents:

  • a diagnostic evaluation completed in the last 12 months which includes relevant diagnoses as well as an assessment of cognition/intelligence and academic achievement
  • Report cards for elementary and middle school students
  • Official transcript for high school students