Houses of Vanguard

Vanguard Students are divided into four houses with students across grade levels assigned to each team to provide opportunities for mentorship and leadership. The house names are derived from our compass logo: North, South, East, West

This year’s theme is Navigating Life Together! Students are working together to earn points through academic achievement, community service, acts of kindness, and participation in school-wide events.

The Houses compete on a point system and points are tracked throughout the quarter. The end of the quarter will mark the time to award the golden compass and special privileges or prizes to the House earning the most points.

House Winner announcements and prizes will take place on the following dates:

1st Qtr. – 10/20/2023

2nd Qtr. – 1/19/2024

3rd Qtr. – 4/5/2024

4th Qtr. – 6/14/2024

For more information on the Houses of Vanguard, please contact Martha Sharrock at 972.404.1616