Mae Lee Hudson

Graduation Year: 2016

Post-Graduation Activities:
After graduating from Vanguard, I moved into the 18+ house with some other Vanguard graduates. I have always loved animals, and Patti connected me with a friend who knew of a job opportunity at Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center. I interviewed for the patient care technician position and got the job! I have been there since 2017 and monitoring the animals’ vital signs and well-being before and after surgery.

What was your favorite thing about Vanguard?
I liked that Vanguard was a small, close-knit community where I could get to know people at a closer level.

How did Vanguard prepare you for life after graduation?
In addition to academics, Vanguard teachers knew each student personally and focused on equipping us with skills for life. Each week, I had personal goals to work toward so that by the time I graduated, I had the tools I needed to succeed in the real world.

Do you have any significant Vanguard memories you would like to share?
I really liked the woodworking class with Dave. I made some steps to allow my dog to get up on my bed after she became older and was not able to jump as well. I also remember trying out something I had learned in my chemistry class when we were making s’mores at the campfire at summer camp in New Mexico. I remember thinking how cool it was to see chemistry played out in real life.

Were there any teachers or staff members that made a special impact on you?
Beth was so helpful my senior year in facilitating discussions between my mom and me about me moving out of our home and into the 18+ house. It was a big transition for both of us, and Beth eased communications and advocated on my behalf.

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