Preschool Program

Vanguard Opens New Preschool

Vanguard Preparatory School is pleased to announce a new preschool program, opening in August 2018. Since 1993, Vanguard has served Kindergarten through High School as well as an 18+ transitional program and looks forward to opening our doors to children on the preschool path!

The preschool program offers a play-based environment with a focus on building social skills and hands on learning. Children enrolled in the program will benefit from low teacher to student ratios (1:5), structured curriculum and sensory learning. The experienced faculty will create individualized curriculum for students with learning or emotional challenges. On a weekly basis, the students will participate in social groups, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music, and art classes. The staff at Vanguard strives to provide a safe, nurturing, and accommodating learning environment for each of our students. If this program sounds beneficial to your child, we are now enrolling!


Parent Support Group
Tuesday, September 10th

Parent Education Session
Thursday, September 24th

Staff Development Day
Friday, September 25th

Fall Break
October 5-9

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