Ryan Rosen

Graduation Year: 2006

Post-Graduation Activities:
I went to Richland College for 2 years and then started working at the Lake Highlands family YMCA at the front desk. Next, I went to the Jewish Community Center to work at the front desk of the sports and fitness complex. After a few years, I switched departments and started score keeping for the basketball leagues. I still do this part time, along with working at Little Greek, my family’s restaurant.

What was your favorite thing about Vanguard?
My favorite thing about Vanguard was being around so many wonderful people and making many friends that I am still friends with today. One of my favorite things about Vanguard was how great all the teachers were and how they always went the extra mile to help you. Another favorite thing was going to prom every year and being the prom king my senior year.

How did Vanguard help prepare you for life after graduation?
Vanguard prepared me for life after school by having all the resources I needed for working in the real world at the YMCA, JCC, and Little Greek.

Do you have any significant Vanguard memories you would like to share?
Mr. Harry, Mr. Don, Ms. Carly, and Ms. Jenny were my 4 favorite teachers at Vanguard. I liked everything they did to help me get to where I am today in life.

Were there any teachers or staff members that made a special impact on you?
All the teachers are amazing and really care for each student. They really work hard to make a connection to everyone. The teachers who had the most impact on me were Becky Hodnett, Beth Trout, Jeremy Philips, and Martha Sharrock.

Is there any advice you would give to current or future Vanguard students?
My advice would be to make sure you get the right guidance for your college education. This can possibly make your decision easier on where to apply and try to get money for scholarships.

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