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Vanguard national honor society students attend the state annual summit.

Thanks to parents of our honor society students for helping to  facilitate our visit to the NHS State Summit yesterday. It was extremely informative and inspiring, and I think our member students really got a lot out of it.

Important experience for students

Among other things, the students got to hear inspiring speeches, meet successful people and peers, hone leadership skills, and learn about some important issues that affect Texans and how today’s young leaders can make a real difference in our community and our world.

Director of Admissions at University of North Texas

The students had the opportunity to chat personally with the Director of Admissions at UNT, who was thoroughly impressed with all of the attendees. It is certain that any of our NHS students could submit a really fantastic application to UNT. Certainly something to think about; they each got her business card!

I am extremely proud of our students’ attitude, conduct, and performance at the summit, and I can’t imagine a better group of kids with whom to attend it.

Mr. Jeremy , High School Teacher