This week, Middle School went on their annual Enterprise City trip! Enterprise City is a small “town” in Richardson where students have the opportunity to be a grown-up in the business world for a day!

Business loans are taken out from the bank. Employees receive, endorse, and cash their own paychecks that they earn and are accountable for. They must pay off their debts, run errands to places like the post office, advertise their business and products, buy food, and even see the elected judge to pay for their ticket if they violate a city law!

If they manage their money well, they even get to go shopping and take home some souvenirs!

All while spending the day listening to the hottest hits played by the city’s very own DJ!

There is a job to fit everyone!

The Vanguard team is so lucky to work with such great families; this year we had parent volunteers from over half of the middle school families as well! Not only did the students really get to understand their parent’s responsibilities, but their parents were there for an amazing bonding and building opportunity as they helped them through it! It is completely amazing to get to witness the growth and learning experiences of each student. The best part is, they have so much fun, and they don’t even realize all of the life skills they’re learning in the process!

These students put in a lot of work this year in preparation for our trip to “the real world”, and it all paid off! This year’s biggest profit award went to the Gift Shop! We’re proud to say that Enterprise City 2017 was a success! Thank you to everyone who was involved in making it happen!

Ms. Sabrina, Middle School Teacher